October 24, 2012

Fall"ish" Abstract Expressionism: 2nd Grade

After looking at Abstract Expressionism on the MOMA website, I released the hounds...I mean...my students to draw some guiding lines/shapes on their paper before painting.  I then provided fall colors + white for them to begin painting.  This projected had a DAY 2...where I provided them 3 colors that they selected from the fall family + black.  I feel this group of students struggled a bit more than years past...but I still got some great work out of them!


  1. Beautiful colors and effective use of black to delineate shape :)

  2. Loved the paintings last year and these as well! Fearless lines and bold colors....just why I love children's art! Don't know why I haven't tried this lesson yet. :)

  3. Don't e so hard on your kiddos! These are absolutely lovely! Colors are wonderful!