September 27, 2011

Fall Prints : 2nd Grade

My student teacher, Ms. Piper, deserves a lot of props for this project!  She spent an amazing amount of time collecting leaves so the students had an interesting variety to use.  I love the results.  I have to be honest, I had never tried this with my students before.  I'm amazed by the detail that actually come out!!!  We used tempera paint to print with.   


  1. what a cool take on an old favorite- i especially like the texture that the spots in the background give the pieces. nice work, ms piper!

  2. Love the project! Great job! I do lots of leaf projects too and collect many leaves for my own collection.
    Have you tried leaf prints with watercolor? They're beautiful, especially with the Prang tertiary colors.
    Just prepare a small bottle of water and a LITTLE amount
    (about 5 or 6 drops) of dishsoap. Put a little soapy water in the paintbox lid, get the paints moistened with a few drops of clear water, then "paint" the back side of the leaf with the soapy water solution. Be sure to have the students rinse the brush between the soapy water and paints. Brush on some paints and print! I like to use another piece of scrap paper to lay on top of the leaf for rubbing.
    Some of the prints are clear and crisp and others are more watery looking, depending on the amount of water used. It might take a couple of practice prints to get the hang of it.
    Anyway, these are fabulous prints and I have my sixth graders do them every year. In fact, it's just about that time!
    Cynthia S.