August 02, 2011

Second Day of Two Day Inservice

You want to see how different art teachers are...take a look at the projects they did today during our second day of inservice!!!  We had 50+ art teachers...with the group split in half.  Both days the groups did studio projects, did reverse unit planning(off of the studio project...placing it in the new curriculum), as well as worked on another unit for another grade level off of the new curriculum.  I believe most teacher enjoyed the 2 days & what we had planned.  However, it was what was not on our schedule that made the time so wonderful & rich!  You get that many art teachers together(which happens too little)...and the ideas that start flying around are enough to make your head spin! 
We are going to start meeting once a 9 weeks in a general session, try to have professional development days at least once a 9 weeks, and encouraging using some of our 5 professional days given us by the district to visit other art teachers!!  So hopefully...connecting will continue throughout the year!!!  


  1. JEALOUS. I have NO prof. development days w/other art teachers. EVER. Even w/the other art teacher in my district, anything we do together is strictly on our own time. Only when I go to my state conference once a year do I get any REAL art prof. development. Sigh.

    MEANWHILE - important question: in your prior post about this little owl lesson, one of your labels was I think "Foohy Gel Markers" or something like that. I used to get those; they are the BEST gel markers and the Crayola gel colors are dull in comparison. But I cannot locate the Foohy's anywhere. The fact that you named them means they must exist somewhere, right? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to find them!

  2. If it came up Foohy...I'M SORRY!! :) You know when you are typing in your tag/lables that it pulls up words you've typed before...anyway..that must be what happened. Sorry to get your hopes up Phyl!!! :(

  3. Yup I know how that happens with labels and auto-typing. Anyhow sure wish I could find out why the heck those fab markers disappeared off the planet.

    Meanwhile, heading to Boston to see our son in a couple of days and dragging him w/us to Maine for the better part of a week, so I don't think you'll be seeing me in Nashville. Keep inviting me though and I may show up one day. I think perhaps you have a secret desire for a Jewish momma to come and make chicken soup for your family.

  4. We are having county wide inservice for art teachers this Wednesday. The teacher in charge backed out and I volunteered cause no one else stepped up. I have things pretty well planned out but I wanted to ask you advice.
    In your opinion, what would a fun and meaningful art inservice consist of?