August 26, 2011

National Arts Standards Revision: Determining a Conceptual Framework

This post was taken from with the permission of Argy Nester, Visual & Performing Arts Specialist for Maine's Department of Education.  I think it is worth our attention, and we all need to be aware of....because it will eventually impact us all!

On Tuesday August 30th, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards will be hosting a task force meeting in Reston, Virginia to begin the work of determining a conceptual framework for revising the National Arts Standards. The work will be facilitated by my Marcia McCaffrey from New Hampshire & Lynn Tuttle from Arizona, and has been opened to stakeholders from all aspects of Arts Education.
The morning meeting will be streamed live to the public,
 please see the National Coalition website at
 for instructions on accessing the live video stream. The video stream is open to the public, please share this site with your administrators.

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  1. Very proud to see our own Lynn Tuttle a part of this process! She is doing a great job advocating for the Arts here in AZ!