February 21, 2021

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Stuck Together

Adhesives are tricky.  I'm a trained professional and still burn myself with hot glue & stick my fingers together with super glue. Young artists often struggle when using adhesives.  They often feel more is better, but that just isn't the case with glue.  Too much can lengthen dry time, and cause pieces being attached to a sculpture not to adhere or slip out of place.  The opposite can also be an issue.  Too little glue can cause work to seemingly attach, only to fall apart with any tension/movement placed upon it. Yes, there is an art to gluing.  If you want things stuck together....you will need to learn the proper application of the product and be aware of your part in the process. 

 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Colossians 3:13-14

Unity is allusive in our world.  There seems to be too many people placing their opinions, wants, and needs ahead of....well...EVERYONE & EVERYTHING!  How can we come together when we struggle to see past ourselves?  Unfortunately, this is not just a problem with the "world".  The church also struggles at times to come together in true unity.  I feel Colossians 3:13-14 is a "guide" or "how to" in regards to pursuing unity.  We see some words/phrases that should be noted. 

BEAR: endure or carry the weight of

FORGIVE:  stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone/ cancel debt 

FORGIVE AS THE LORD FORGAVE YOU:  (I'll let you think on that one!)

PUT ON LOVE:  to make a conscious choice to love God and others

It is easier said than done...I KNOW!! We all have struggle with this at times in our life.  I feel what God is calling us to in Colossians 3:13-14 is remember where we once were (and how people had to endure you), what God did to bring us into a personal relationship with him, that everyone is at a different point in their walk with God & grace needs to be extended, and if it isn't easy....choose love anyways!!! 

We need to be stuck together with our family of believers....because we are better together.  

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