January 06, 2021

Crayola creatED Writing Art-Inspired Stories Pre-K-2nd

 As a  "THANK YOU" for participating in a recent Webinar with Crayola, they sent me several products to try out.  I received their Crayola creatED series!  I have three children (ages 6, 9, and 11) are the target ages to try out these boxes by Crayola.  For our first project I had them work together using the lesson found in the pre-K - 2nd box. 

The hardest part of this lesson was having my kids agree on a theme for their story! ha ha  Unicorns, Llamas, and Godzilla would have made for a very interesting adventure, but they finally agreed on creating a story about our cat, Ali.  They talked about different ideas of what she could do in their story, and decided to have her home alone and getting into trouble.  
(Bonus points if you can tell me the segment of the story that was originally Godzilla! ha ha)


ps...I do like the boxes!  They have the product and easy to follow lesson plans.  The lessons are connected with the national art standards and pull in cross curricular elements. They have Writing, Math, and STEAM.  The price point (last time I looked) was $19.95.  If you are home schooling, a parent dealing the teaching your child at home during the pandemic, or just wanting a fun arty activity to do for family time....I think they are great!  

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