May 12, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Doubt

I believe one of the most detrimental obstacles an artist encounters is doubt. It has the power to strangle creativity by continually second guessing ideas, choices within media and composition.  The fear doubt creates prevents risk taking. Doubt isolates & keeps the artist from seeking the guidance & community of like minded individuals.  Though it is normal to question one's self from time to time or be questioned by others (questioning can lead to deeper understanding & thoughtful consideration), doubt roots deeply into the wounds and insecurities of the individual. If this mindset is not shifted/corrected it can derail even the most gifted artist.

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him,
 "You of little faith, " he said, " why do you doubt?"
Matthew 14:31

Doubt can also be a huge obstacle in the life of the believer. It prevents them from living out their faith to the fullest.  Doubting the validity of your "calling"(Did God really say for me to do this?), your own abilities, the receptiveness of others, and if you are truly honest with yourself....God's faithfulness! Thank goodness for Peter! We see in Matthew 14:31 where Jesus is having to pull Peter out of the water after he started sinking.  Why did Peter start to sink? He looked at his circumstances and took his eyes off of the Lord. The circumstances he found himself in caused doubt. He began thinking of himself & the situation more than than his goal (to get to the Lord). Now I don't feel like Jesus was "dogging" Peter by saying  "You of little faith...why do you doubt?"  I feel it was a question to refocus Peter on what was most important. Doubt...if left unchecked...can derail us from being who God created us to be & doing what he designed us to do.

Are their areas in your life that doubt is taking root? What are they? Why are they? What steps will you take this week to begin to deal with these things?

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