November 11, 2017

#turkeyaday17 (playing catch up)

It is so easy to get behind posting?!?!?! 
Here are a few days worth of turkeys for you!!

My Mixed Media turkey started out as an incised plate print using acrylic paint.  I wasn't really thrilled with it as a print so I decided to push it a bit further.  I did a watercolor wash overtop of the print.  Then I used gold Sharpie and wrote "gobble" over and over in the background.  I highlighted some of the colors using oil pastels, and colored pencil to create shadows.

We are doing circle weaving with 3rd grade & soft sculptures in 4th yarn, plastic needles, and SmartFab are ALL OVER my room! ha ha  I made this little stitched turkey during bus duty.  

When my incised plate print didn't turn out as I wanted it to...I decided to do a transfer print using Portfolio Oil Pastels.  He made me laugh! ha ha

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