April 13, 2017

...When Your Normal Is Off...

I shared awhile back about the health issue I was diagnosed with in Dec/Jan(I'll do an update post on that soon!).  The doctor visits twice a week for treatment...getting stuck...poked at..checked out over and over has really messed up my normal.  I'm not talking about being "normal"...cause who of us are?!?!?!  I'm talking about MY NORMAL.  I'm usually on top of things, very organized, type A personality.  However, with all that I've been dealing with....I'm just not myself.   This week I found something that slipped past me this year....something I don't think has EVER slipped passed me.  I've always ordered rectangular pre-notched looms for my 4th grade tapestry weaving project.  Thinking I had them in my supply closet...I walked in Monday to prep for the day's lessons...NO PRE-NOTCHED LOOMS?!?!?!  (I use these because 4th nine weeks is so hectic & kids are out so much with camp, awards, etc......it is a time saver thing!)  It was a sink or swim moment!  I remembered I had ordered extra cardboard circles for the 3rd grade circle weaving...and decided those would have to do! I created squares to put in the middle to trace...so that they had something to aid them in creating their looms.  They then used rulers to measure off their markings.  Kids really are terrible with ruler skills now-a-days...so I'm glad I could give them extra practice(but it was enough to raise my blood pressure).

I also relied on peer tutors to help out the students that were struggling!  This too is a good thing...kids need to learn compassion for the classmates & realize they can be a life line for the struggling learner!! 



  1. Thank God your are an art teacher! No one else has supplies they can modify if they wanted to, or would even think to, to get what will no doubt be one of your best works with kids this year! You'll probably like it so much, you'll do it on purpose next year! :)

  2. Hope you're feeling well soon! Why didn't you just do circular weavings, silly?

    1. Well..95%'of them had done it as .3rd graders with me...and tapestry is what is in the curriculum for 4th.