May 04, 2016

Mayor's Art Show 2016

(AAHHH!?!?! I forgot to edit & post this... I started it the 28th..but totally forgot about it!)

April 28th was our annual Mayor's Art Show here in Nashville(and my birthday)!  Our new mayor did amazing job in her opening remarks, and was extremely warm & personable when walking around, talking to students, and getting her picture taken with them!  This year I had five of my ten students attend, and one of the teachers(I've never had that before!!!).  I wish all my students could attend, but my school is on the far end of the county....and there are a host of other reasons some can not attend.  I was thrilled though with my five kiddos that came...and I think they all felt extremely proud to be showing their work in a real museum!

(Any pictures of students' faces are by parent permission.
Always ask before posting images of kids faces!!!!)

Here is TGE hanging in the halls of The Frist Center for the Visual Arts!!

Brothers! Eli(who is a triplet) is in 1st & Ryker is in 4th...a first for me to select siblings! I didn't even realize it till after I had selected their work(only their first names are on their work in my school art show...and I have a lot of Eli's!!).
Mary got to speak with Nashville's new mayor...well..she kind of just smiled & nodded a lot! I guess meeting the mayor can be a little overwhelming for a 1st grader!!! ha ha  The mayor was AWESOME! Very warm..very friendly!! 
A view from & on the stage!! They called all the crazy art teachers up first...than the kids who had work in the show!  It was packed!!

Me and one of my besties...Ms. Malone (formally of www.msmalonesartroom.blogspot come..she has kind of abandoned blogging).  She is the little sister I never wanted, but couldn't imagine life without! 

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