April 22, 2016

Mayor's Art Show Selections...

The Mayor's Art Show is a big annual visual arts event at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts!  They break Metro Nashville Public Schools into two sessions based on clusters(we area  huge district...and it would be impossible to fit everyone in..art wise...parking...really in every way!!).  It is such a great event.  We are allowed to select 2 works of art per grade level(that is kind of hard!!).  In the halls of the museum they hang high school, middle school, and elementary side by side...and you are able to see amazing artists at every level  under their amazing art teachers  direction.  On the night of the official opening...the mayor of Nashville comes to speak to the students, parents, and teachers attending the event.  Then everyone is dismissed to the halls to mix, mingle, and look at all the amazing art.  The mayor will walk the halls...speaking to the students & getting her picture taken with them.  It is a great memory maker for the kiddos!!!  I will take pictures that night too...but for now...here is the work I've selected! 


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

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