November 09, 2015


Hello friends...we're now on WEEK TWO of the #ARTGIVINGNOV / #k12artchallenge!!! If you did not participate in WEEK worries!!!  You can jump in with WEEK TWO...or play catch up and do WEEK ONE this week as well!!  

This week I want you too consider those who put themselves in harms way for us...Fire/Police/Armed Forces! This could be a great challenge for you...your family...and/or your school! As with all our challenges this month...create a thank you card for the person or group you have selected...and consider an "extra" blessing to gift them with.  I spoke with our local fire department....and they said they love cards from kids & COOKIES!!   Some other "extra" ideas: pop corn, coffee, snack baskets with a variety of treats, coloring books/crayons(de-stresser!!).  However, I'm sure you can come up with some wonderful ideas!!!

This could become a beautiful tradition that you add to holidays year round...or just a monthly expression of gratitude for people that go above & beyond as a way of life!  

  • You don't have to run out and buy those pre-made blank cards to create on...just a good quality folded piece of paper will do!  If you need to mail it...think about the envelopes you have on hand so you don't create too large!  

  •  SUBJECT: Think about an aspect of their job, symbol for their profession, colors associated with their line of work. There is nothing that says it has to be "realistic".  Abstract art would be appreciated just as much.  It is the heart behind it what matters the most.

  • MATERIALS: Mixed Media: Pencil, Marker, Pen, Crayon, Colored Pencil, Paint, Fabric, Printed Paper, Photos...WHATEVER!!!

  • If you can't think of an "EXTRA" to go with your's ok!!  Just give a the card!!  A You goes a long way. (but honestly...cookies are easy to do & a favorite!)

  • AS ALWAYS WITH #K12ARTCHALLENGE POST!!  Twitter/Instagram/Facebook WHATEVER! :) The hashtags are #k12artchallenge &  #ARTGIVINGNOV  If you can tag me in it...that would be awesome(then I won't have to search!!)   @ArtWithMrE  

This can really make a difference in many lives!!
 A few moments out of your day...and you will do so much good!!

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