September 25, 2015

Artober Nashville: Modular Art Wall


Artober Nashville is almost upon us, and things here at Tulip Grove are kicking into high gear(even though we're only a week away from the end of the nine weeks & fall break).  Last year I had a community art project that we worked on at our Fall Festival.  You may remember our Kandinsky fence....if not look up Kandinsky in the word cloud to the right hand column.  

This year, someone donated sound proof ceiling tiles to our district's art teachers!?!?!  Odd...but exciting!!  Sometimes I see possibilities before I know how to actually follow through with things?!!? ha ha  I envisioned an ever changing art wall made from cubes.  The tiles were bigger & heavier than I imagined.  I first tried Liquid Nails.  It worked, but has to dry for 24 hrs..and set on a flat surface.  NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT?!?!  Though I had my doubts about hot gluing it (because of the weight)...I tried it.  AND IT WORKED!!  Now I went through a lot of hot glue sticks, but they seem very sturdy after double seaming it.  

I then tried different paint on the surface.  Tempera worked, but it took a lot of paint because of the absorbent surface(I already new acrylic would be way too expensive!!).  I then tried watercolor.  To my surprise, the watercolor really went on nicely!  It is a little light, but we might be able to go back into them later and add focal points using tempera or acrylic in small areas.  

So tonight....we have our Fall Festival.  I'll have the cubes set up in my room for parents & children...teachers & whoever else paint!!  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!! 


  1. In collage I was an RA. We had to plan programs for the residents once a month. I did a "Make your own bulletin board" night and we used ceiling tiles. They were awesome and held up to push pins for years.

    We used regular indoor house paint because the housing department got it for free. I would probably never bust that out with my elementary kiddos but it worked great on the tiles.

    On a completely different note. I am starting my own website at my principals request. My husband loves doing stuff like this so he is handling the technical side and asked for links to blogs I follow for ideas while he was setting mine up. I gave him yours his response was "Art with Mr. E... Art with mystery! thats an awesome name!" I'm not sure if you ever made that connection I sure didn't but now its like one of those things you can't unsee!

    I just started this week so there isn't much there yet but I'm working on it!

    1. Hey!! Thanks for the comment!! Your blog looks good so far. Once you have a few more posts up....e-mail me and let me know. I like to know teachers are going to blog & do a good job of it before I add them to my role! I also knock people off of it if they haven't posted in over a month. E-me when you have been blogging for a bit!! Would love to add ya!

  2. When I was in high school, each homeroom would get to design a ceiling tile. I went to a Catholic school so each year had a different theme. One year was love, another hope, etc.

    It was really neat to see all the different class' take on a single topic. My favourite was an image of the senior math teacher holding a cupcake--pure love!

    I teach grade a grade one-two split in a rural school (I have fifteen kids in my class) so we wouldn't have the space for a project of that nature. But the bulletin board idea would be a possibility for us (no drop ceilings at this school).

    Good luck with your projects.