August 02, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret!

My dirty little secret!  My supply closet looks like a Sharknado hit it!  I usually try to show you my classroom when it is all nicey nice....but this is reality right now.  I stuff my closet with everything going into summer....because I hate having everything placed out in the hall when they strip and wax the floor!  Well...some how several things got overturned.  It is a hot mess.  I hope to get to it Monday. I am going to have my student teacher attack some other things....and I'll start on this!! If Sharknado has taught me anything.....make sure you have a chainsaw with you!!!  


  1. I see you have another victim. Very exciteing! I hope they have a great experience and learn a lot! I sure did. Hope to see you at a PD meeting soon!

    Magdalena Grzybowski

    1. Earliest ever....and first from Belmont! She is you...very natural teacher!

  2. Look on the bright side: you have a storage closet to stuff with stuff. Those of us who don't just get in trouble with the fire marshall and told to "de-clutter."

  3. yikes! altho that looks like the normal state of my room;)

  4. Mine looks just as bad!! I was at school for over 3 hours and barely put a dent in it......Good Luck!

  5. Ha ha mine is the same! I am terrified of opening the door.