October 28, 2013


This past weekend was our annual TAEA Conference.  It goes between East, Middle, and West TN.  This year...it was right here in Nashville!!  I was really sad to see the small turn out (just a little over 100).  This is something I've been thinking a lot about. There are over 90 elementary art teachers in Nashville alone!!  Yet, there were only 5 art teachers from Metro Nashville Public Schools.  Why do they not attend?  Why are they not members of our state organization??  I'm going to be taking over as the Elementary Division Rep in January....and I'd love to see more of "my people" join.  hmmm  

Anyways?!?!  Those of us that did attend....HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I loved EVERYTHING.  The workshops...the lectures...the felllowship!!! 
Here are a few pictures from our two day conference!! 

I'm a little addicted!!!  They called this finger weaving...but it is actually a crocheting technique!!  It is about 6 ft look!!  It is made of four bands I crocheted...then took yarn and sewed together.  I made another one the next day during the lectures I attended!! You'll see a picture of that at the bottom.   

This was the Zentangle workshop I attended.  The presenter knew I had a Zentangle named after me...kind of freaky! ha ha  She was GREAT!!  

This is our TAEA President! 
 So much that goes into a conference!!!!!  She was buzzin' about the whole weekend making sure everything was running smoothly!

Day 2 I took a basket wrapping class.  I've done basket wrapping with a summer art camp before, but never just for my own enjoyment.  It was fun to try fabric as well as different types of yarn.

The others were created by other people in the class! SO MUCH FUN!!!

This is the second scarf I created!!!  I think I'm going to be making some
 Christmas presents this year!! ha ha


  1. This was my first art ed conference and as a prospective art teacher, I had so much fun! I look forward to attending next year's conference.

  2. Holy cow! Those baskets are so cool! How did you guys make them? BTW, I totally agree with you. I just attended the SCAEA conference and it was awesome! Conferences are such a great opportunity!

  3. Ooh the basket wrapping looks like fun - I've never done it. Can you give us a tutorial?