July 12, 2012

Blog Award

When I first started blogging, I LOVED THESE KIND OF AWARDS!!!!  I thought they 
were wonderful.  However, after several years of blogging under my belt..I've become suspicious.  I know that I have a good number of visitors, and if these award givers are linked to me...it should increase their traffic(as well as bring some to me).  Most of the time I don't pay much attention to them, but this one I really was proud of.  I was one of the only art teachers selected in their elementary section.   So suspicious or not..I'm posting it! ha ha  


  1. haha! i understand, but this one you should be proud of. your work is inspirational and fun.

  2. Some must be real....I found you through one of these resources, but I can't recall which one. Keep up the awesome blogs. It keeps me fresh in my art room.

  3. Okay, so I totally get the "suspicious" thing. I got an award in the form of a button...when I pasted it proudly to my blog and followed the link it took me to a tupperware website instead of the original blog. It was almost like I was just an advertisement. Luckily, they messed with the wrong art teacher...I rewrote the button html code and corrected the link. They should make me another award for being smart. Hahaha.

    Great job on your award though. You really do deserve it!

  4. Congratulations Ted!! You do deserve it!!! I love reading your blog!