October 27, 2011

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

During our fall break(we get a week off) trip to see my family & friends in KY, OH, WV, & PA we were going to spend a bulk of our time outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  I was really hoping to get to the Warhol Museum (he was from Pittsburgh), but wanting to spend time with my family...I went with them to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  So many fun interactive things throughout the museum (non-art), but they have a GIGANTIC art area.  I mean....dreamy big!!!!!!  Here are some pictures with my daughter enjoying the art experience!  If you are near Pittsburgh...or are going to be visiting..make time to go to the Children's Museum.  (also a bunch of Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood stuff..he was from Pittsburgh too!)

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